I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the training Andrew and your team provided us. We attended puppy applause back in the fall/winter of last year with our dog, Ellie.

Looking back on it, as first time pet owners, I think we can confidently say it was a great investment that has paid off more than we could have imagined. Ellie doesn’t eat food off the floor when it drops because she knows “off” means off – there have been times we put a treat on the floor beside her, walk away & 10 minutes later come rushing back to find the treat untouched & her sitting there waiting for the magic word: “take it”. She knows that with smaller critters (including babies and smaller dogs), she needs to be gentle and calmer. The biggest thing we’ve struggled with over the last year has been coming when called. But with patience, practice and the occasional timbit, Ellie now comes running – and we usually only have to ask once.

I recall Andrew saying that he doesn’t usually get the good stories. So, please, if you don’t mind passing this on to him, it would be much appreciated.

Our dog is such an amazing member of our family & that’s because you helped us figure out how we can effectively communicate with each other.

So from our family, thank you!

The Steele family (Jacqueline, John & Ellie)