We recently completed the Junior Puppy class and give all credit to DWD for the increased bonding with our puppy, as well as his confidence and manners. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge and systematically helped with answers to our many questions during the puppy’s early weeks – nipping, jumping, barking. The Drop command has proved especially useful on walks.
We had a lot of laughs and a lot of FUN in class, especially on graduation day with the games and contests. The off leash playtime helped with socialization and is supervised with the most experienced eyes.
The facility is clean, fresh and air conditioned, wth all COVID protocols.
Our older dog is a DWD veteran, having attended all three puppy levels and the Dealing With Walking class. Margie and Lisa were the best, with wonderful support from Lisa and Asa. We have received many compliments on our dogs, thanks to DWD.

Special thanks to owner Jackie.
Padma and family