Thank you to Dealing with Dogs and all the amazing instructors. We have been coming for a year and a half with our Puppy Bella (black lab) and you guys have all been wonderful. We had the pleasure of having Margie and Linda twice in a row as instructors for our puppy classes and they were awesome.

Margie was so positive and so supportive to my husband and I. I have had labs my whole life and I was worried Bella was not going to get where she needed to be when it came to commands.(she was beyond a handful) Margie never gave up on us, always had such wonderful things to say and not only told Bella she was doing a great job but reassured my husband and I that we were working hard and she was seeing the positive results all around.

Thanks to Dealing with Dogs we have a wonderful full of energy smart dog, who keeps us busy in a good way 🙂

Have a wonderful summer
Nicole, Kevin & Bella