Dealing With Games

Want to put some fun back in training your dog?  This four week all games program will focus on the skills involved (stays, waits, attention, recalls, catch and drop, agility) to perform each game in a fun and competitive environment.

The cost is $125.00 + taxes.

Date:  TBA


DWD Day Camp Summer 2018

One week day camp for school age children and their dogs.  The focus is on FUN and establishing a bond and partnership between your child and their pet.  Children will learn to teach their dog tricks, be involved in off leash play, proper walking on leash techniques and do a fun craft.  On Friday parents are welcome to come for a special performance by the children and their dogs!  Cost is $100 for the week. 5 days for 3 hours each day.  Limit of 6 children and dogs.


Hours: 12:30 to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday

Beginner Agility: Cost is $140 for 4 weeks of training.

This course will introduce basic concepts relating to the exciting sport of canine agility. No experience required. Dogs must be over 9 months old.  Age restriction is based on muscle and skeletal development of the dog.  Exercises are simple and fun.  Class focuses on creating a bond and teamwork between dog and handler.  Dogs will be working on leash at all times.

Monday’s 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Foundations Agility Dogs must be able to work on and off leash with distractions.  Handling drills and foundations skills on all agility equipment developing both dog and handlers understanding of agility, a good understanding of front and blind crosses and minimum of 6 solid weave poles.  Short course work of 6 – 12 sequenced obstacles. **Must be recommended by the Agility Instructor to attend this class.

Wednesday’s 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Introduction to Rally Obedience: This is circuit training with your dog!!

This four week course will introduce basic concepts in the cooperative, competitve sport of Rally O.  Heeling, fronts, finishes all accomplished while following a predetermined course give active dogs terrific mental stimulation.  All dogs benefit from the positive interaction with their handler and enjoy the training process.  The cost is $125.

Check back in the fall for new times!

Contact the office for details 905-469-1555