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Dealing with Walking




This four week intensive course will focus strictly on leash walking.  Techniques for successful loose leash walking and “heeling” fundamentals will be covered.

Your instructor will demystify many of  leash walking tools on the market as well as take the class on guided working walks.  We will show you how to keep control of your active dog even when presented with distractions.

Our Dealing with Walking course is designed to improve your leash walking experience with your buddy.  This program is appropriate for friendly dogs only.  Enthusiastic and bouncy is no problem!

Dealing with Walking is a 4 week course that meets for 1 hour per week.  30 minutes is spent in the gym working on leash walking techniques and 30 minutes is spent outdoors practicing the techniques in real world situations. 

The cost is $175 + H.S.T.

Dealing With Games


Want to put some fun back in training your dog?  Our Dealing With Games course is a four week program where you will inspire your dog to perform with enthusiasm and a competitive spirit.  The Beginner Games will include Musical Chairs, DWD Relay, DWD Recall Race, and Distance Catch.  The Advanced Games will challenge your communication skills with your dog using verbal only or signal only commands.  We will continue to focus on the required skills to perform each game (stays, waits, attention, recalls, catch, drop it) and compete on the last night for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion!