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Canine Good Neighbour Prep Class




Our 4 week Canine Good Neighbour Prep course works through the 12 steps involved in completing the testing for a Canine Good Neighbour designation. The test assesses the handler and dog’s relationship together, with the handlers ability to control the dog.  You can find test description on the Canadian Kennel Club website @ – Canine Good Neighbour.

Prerequisite: Puppy Masters Program

DWD Puppy Love Programme


Puppy Love is specifically designed for puppies 8 – 12 weeks old and their families.  Our goal is to work with you to achieve a smart, willing, friendly, respectful puppy that is fun to live with.

This is a 3 week course, one hour in length and costs $150.00 + taxes.  Puppies must have their first set of vaccinations.  Proof of vaccination will be required.  Flat collars and 4 to 6 foot leashes.  NO retractable leashes.

We will work on common behaviour issues, basic obedience, respecting family members, grooming, handling, off leash play, and fun interactive games to increase your bond with your puppy.

Registrations on-line or call the office at 905-469-1555.


Introduction to Agility

Introduction to Agility – 6 week program – $290.00 +HST
Prerequisite – Dogs must be 11 months old or older and have taken an obedience class.
The Introduction to Agility is the first step in agility training.

Puppy Agility

  • 4.5 – 10 months of age
  • Puppies graduating from our Junior Puppy/Senior Puppy or Intermediate classes, this 4 week, low impact class is a fun way to help shape behaviour, build confidence, and continue to work on sit, stays, wait and break.  We will introduce your puppy to tunnels, ground poles, table, wobble board and more.

Senior Puppy



6 week Beginner training for puppies between 5 and 8 months old (this class does NOT follow Junior Puppy).  The whole family is invited to participate in this fun and interactive puppy  class. Families will teach their puppies basic skills like sit, down, stand, wait, walk on leash, and coming when called. While there is no off leash play time, we will work on socialization milestones, address behavioural concerns and play fun games to encourage trust and build connection.  Graduates of this class qualify for the Intermediate program.  This class is appropriate for friendly dogs.  We ask that you bring your puppy wearing a flat collar, and 4 to 6 foot leash.  If you are using a head halter or body harness, you may bring that as well.  NO retractable leashes allowed.

Cost:  $290.00 + h.s.t.

Junior Puppy


The Junior Puppy Programme, is designed for puppies 12 to 18 weeks old – when the window of opportunity is open for that all-important socialization and temperament training, partnering with puppy obedience. Whether a single owner or family, you will reap many rewards from participation in this programme, as you learn to communicate with your puppy using positive-reinforcement. You will find yourself clapping and cheering in this energetic and fun filled programme, that quickly and positively teaches your puppy the “people” rules. Graduates of this class qualify for the Intermediate program.  See below for class schedule.

COST:  $365.00 + H.S.T.

Each session is 8 weeks long.  Classes meet for 1 hour per week .  Your puppy should have 2 sets of vaccinations before the start of class or one set with veterinary permission.  We ask that you bring your puppy in with a flat collar and 4 to 6 foot leash.  NO retractable leashes allowed.  Please contact office for Rescue discount.



For Graduates of a Beginner Level programs (Junior Puppy/Senior Puppy/Adult Beginner). Intermediate provides socialization and continued obedience training with added distractions to build and reinforce the basics that were covered in our Beginner Puppy.  During adolescence many puppies become inattentive, distracted and anxious – this program is designed to work through these behaviours.  Each session will be 7 weeks long, 1 hour in length. Graduates of this class qualify for our Masters program.

COST:  $320.00 + H.S.T.

Adult Beginner


This 7-week programme is suitable for friendly dogs over 9 months old who have not had formal obedience training.  We will cover basic obedience skills like sit, down, stand, wait, walk on a leash and coming when called.  We will deal with a behavioural concern every week and play some games to keep everyone motivated.  There may even be prizes!! While the whole family is welcome at class, one handler per dog is recommended. This program is not suitable for reactive dogs. Graduates of this class qualify for the Intermediate program.

Cost:  $345.00 + h.s.t.







For graduates of the Intermediate Program. Now that you and your puppy have mastered basic puppy manners and good canine obedience, you are ready for the challenge of our advanced program, Puppy Masters.  This program is designed to prepare you and your puppy to take the Canadian Canine Good Neighbour test.  The CCGN test includes: controlled walking on leash, accepting a friendly stranger, patiently sitting for petting, walking through a crowd, and supervised isolation.

It is not all work and no play.  The course includes K-9 tricks and games for those people who love the process of watching their dogs learn new things.  A rousing game of musical chairs is not only fun but it is great practice for walking on leash, sit/stay and all done with a lot of distraction!  We even introduce some fun elements of popular dog sports so you can see if advanced work is what you are looking for. Puppy Masters is a 7 week course that meets for one hour per week.

$320.00 + h.s.t.


Off leash play


Off leash play is held at the DWD facility at 1380 Speers Road Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (1 1//2 hours).

The cost is $9.00 a visit (HST included) or you can buy a book of 10 for $81.00 (10th visit free).

Proof of vaccination is required at first visit.  Depending on dogs/puppies, we will section off area to create appropriate play areas. We reserve the right to ask any unsuitable dogs to leave.


Dealing with Walking




This four week intensive course will focus strictly on leash walking.  Techniques for successful loose leash walking and “heeling” fundamentals will be covered.

Your instructor will demystify many of  leash walking tools on the market as well as take the class on guided working walks.  We will show you how to keep control of your active dog even when presented with distractions.

Our Dealing with Walking course is designed to improve your leash walking experience with your buddy.  This program is appropriate for friendly dogs only.  Enthusiastic and bouncy is no problem!

Dealing with Walking is a 4 week course that meets for 1 hour per week.  30 minutes is spent in the gym working on leash walking techniques and 30 minutes is spent outdoors practicing the techniques in real world situations. 

The cost is $190 + H.S.T.

Dealing With Games


Want to put some fun back in training your dog?  Our Dealing With Games course is a four week program where you will inspire your dog to perform with enthusiasm and a competitive spirit.  The Beginner Games will include Musical Chairs, DWD Relay, DWD Recall Race, and Distance Catch.  The Advanced Games will challenge your communication skills with your dog using verbal only or signal only commands.  We will continue to focus on the required skills to perform each game (stays, waits, attention, recalls, catch, drop it) and compete on the last night for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion!