What if my dog has an accident in class?
Don’t worry about it. Certainly not all of the dogs will be house-trained, and sometimes accidents happen. We supply the clean up materials and someone will hold your dog for you while you clean up if you are alone.

Can my children come?  **We recommend anyone attending class be vaccinated**
Children are welcome in class and they do participate in and benefit from some of the exercises.

I have a female dog who will be in season during the program… Can she still come?
Yes, as long as she wears protective panties, so as not to leave her scent all over the floor.

What if my female dog needs to be spayed during the program?
Try to arrange her surgery for the day after class and ask your vet if she may attend the next class, even though she will have stitches. Usually they are fine and we ask that you bring a clean towel for her to lie on, and skip the play session. If she can’t attend, we suggest that the owner attend anyhow, so as not to fall behind.

I have a male, un-neutered dog. Can he attend?
He should be fine. If we happen to have a female in season in the class, which is very rare, he will certainly be interested. If you plan on keeping him intact, it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to manage him.

What if I miss a lesson? Are there make up classes?
Everyone is given the complete homework package at the first class, so if you miss a class, you will see what to practice at home. We also give out your instructor’s home phone number in case you have questions. It is difficult to schedule a make up class as when one session ends, the next one starts, so it might be six weeks before the missing lesson is taught again.

I don’t have time to do the homework. Is there any point in coming?
Even if your dog only gets 50 minutes of training a week, it’s better than nothing. We understand how busy everyone is and will help you fit training time into a hectic schedule. Just a minute or two before each of your dog’s meals will help with sit/stay positions (sit, down, stand), off and take it, and food safety exercises. Training during TV commercials is another way to fit in some practice time.

When does your next class start?
You can see a complete list of all the class schedules on our Classes page.

How many puppies/dogs can I expect there to be in each class?
Although class sizes vary the average is 5 puppies or dogs.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds after registration.  Virtual classes will be offered for any weather related closures.