Dealing With Sniffing is a brand new and exciting program  Regardless of age, breed, size or athletic abiltiy, all dogs are superstars with their noses!  In our Dealing With Sniffing courses your dog will be using this skill to search for and find the chosen scent.

Does your dog’s sniffing drive you crazy on walks or at home, or both?  By teaching your dog to use their nose on cue chances are the behaviours you dislike will fade.  This activity will build self-confidence for the less confident dog, and teach the excited dog to focus and work off energy   You will both learn a wonderful way to stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

Goals for this course are to build the pet dogs motivation to search for the specific scent and mark that they found it for the handler.  As the dogs get  more comfortable and confident we will make it more challenging by adding distractions and changes in the environment .  You will pick the scent you want to work with.  It can be any scent that is pleasant for your dog, for example a tea, spice, essential oil etc.

This course is the perfect foundation for Sport Detection, a new Canadian dog sport in which the dog finds and indicates a specfic scent within a search area.

Fall Schedule 2015 Beginner      Cost:  $140.00 + hst for 4 weeks

Thursday September 3rd – 24th @ 5:45 p.m. with Asa