joanneJoanne is a breeder of Golden Retrievers, under the kennel name “Teacherspet”, who always get an A+ for temperament. Joanne met Judy Emmert in 1983, when they were both training for Competition Obedience. They traveled together throughout the United States and Canada, competing with their dogs, attending seminars, and learning everything they could about dog obedience.

In 1985, Joanne became the first trainer to join Judy’s new school. Recently retired, Joanne was an exemplary educator in the field of Special Education, and she added her teaching skills to Judy’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Joanne lives and operates a boarding kennel for dogs and cats  in Paris , Ontario under “Teacherspetpetretreat” and can be reached at  or @ 519-442-1470.

She and her daughter Sarah share their life with  3 Golden Retrievers, one Jack Russel Terrier, 1 Pug, 1 French Bulldog and a new German Shepard puppy.  Joanne has experience in many different approaches to dog training, and her clients appreciate the special individualized attention she offers.