Our Philosophy

Since 1989, when DWD first opened, much has changed in the world of dog training, and we are proud to be part of the progressive movement in the dog world, spear-headed by Dr. Ian Dunbar. The new, gentle, and fun, dog-friendly techniques for training, have shown remarkable results and are the new standards… they are what people want to see, and want to learn.

  • These new training techniques, are what we choose to emphasize at Dealing with Dogs, because we believe they are saving puppies’ lives. A puppy’s ability to learn is fully developed by the time they first go home to their new families, so it is essential that they learn the correct house rules right away.
  • Your puppy is learning all the time. That is why we emphasize proper management techniques, to prevent problems before they arise. Our job is to coach people toward a better understanding of dog behaviour, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • We are a group of dedicated dog professionals, working together to help you achieve the best possible relationship with your pet.

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Our Guarantee

At Dealing with Dogs, we are committed to help you achieve a happy, harmonious relationship with your dog. Our goal is to teach you dog-friendly training techniques, to produce people-friendly dogs. We guarantee professionally run, well-organized classes in clean, suitable location. We use fair, gentle, motivational methods to Deal with Dogs. All of our skilled instructors are members of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and will share every technique they know, to help you be successful with your dog – regardless of its age, or breed. Our classes start and stop on time, and all our clients are provided with printed summaries of each class. Every dog can learn, and every dog has a talent. Dealing with Dogs guarantees to offer our best resources, to help you and your dog achieve success. Your dog needs you to guarantee the devotion and daily training necessary, to become a well-loved, well-behaved member of your family.

 Meet the Team

The training philosophy at DWD is Positive Reinforcement. Whether you have a new puppy or an adult that needs training our group of Instructors are here to help you and your dog learn everything from basic obedience to advanced training, agility, and more.

Our Instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and most of all love working with all types of puppies, dogs and people.


Andrew Perkins has been working professionally with dogs since 1991. A founding member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, he served on its board of directors and as the publishing editor of FORUM, the association’s national newsletter, for 11 years, and now serves as “director at large.” Andrew has written numerous articles…

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Always a dog lover, Jackie followed her passion 20 years ago joining Dealing With Dogs as an assistant instructor. Immensely helpful in the dog training journey were Joanne Nimigan, Ann Chambers, Andrew Perkins and Judy Emmert. Continued education with seminars featuring Dr. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and Karen Pryor, Jackie became one of Dealing With…

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Linda joined Dealing with Dogs 9 years ago training as an assistant with Joanne Nimigan, Jackie Smith and Margie McConnell.   She very much enjoys assisting families with their puppies and takes great pride in seeing families succeed in forming a happy bond.

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Margie has been a trainer at DWD for 15 years. She is experienced in helping people understand their pets and enjoys watching her students progress. Margie’s teaching style is popular with her students and she enjoys helping clients develop a lasting bond with their dogs. Her classes are fun fast and she adjusts her advanced…

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Maureen is a longtime client of Dealing With Dogs, and has joined our team pursuing her passion for dog training. She has completed the DWD Apprenticeship Program and brings many years of experience training her own dogs, as well as extensive puppy knowledge as a breeder. Maureen can be reached at maureen.mcmeekin@hotmail.ca

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Six years ago, beginning right here at DWD Intro to Agility class, Suzanne and her “All Canadian” dog Charlie Brown began their journey into the world of Competitive Dog Agility, they just didn’t know it yet.  Although Suzanne joined the class “just for fun”, five years later things have changed somewhat. Under the instruction  and direction of…

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