Thank you Maureen for the time spent and care in your conversations with me about what might be best for Georgia

I wanted to say thank you Maureen for the time spent and care in your conversations with me about what might be best for Georgia - your love of dogs and their care is so apparent and I really appreciate the conversations we had.  

Padma and family

We would give Dealing With Dogs 10 stars!

We recently completed the Junior Puppy class and give all credit to DWD for the increased bonding with our puppy, as well as his confidence and manners. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge and systematically helped with answers to our many questions during the puppy's early weeks - nipping, jumping, barking. The Drop command has proved especially useful on walks. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of FUN in class, especially on graduation day with the games and contests. The off leash playtime helped with socialization and is supervised with the most experienced eyes. The facility is clean, fresh and air conditioned, wth all COVID protocols. Our older dog is a DWD veteran, having attended all three puppy levels and the Dealing With Walking class. Margie and Lisa were the best, with wonderful support from Lisa and Asa. We have received many compliments on our dogs, thanks to DWD. Special thanks to owner Jackie. Padma and family


Helped us bond with our new puppy

When we adopted Sunny, she was our first puppy and we knew we all had a lot to learn. We're so glad we chose Dealing With Dogs as our training school and learning resource. We completed the Junior Puppy and Intermediate programs, and absolutely loved the classes, exercises, and the wonderful mentors. We all looked forward to our Tuesday evenings at DWD, and found that they helped us bond with our new puppy as she learned basic obedience and focus (even as she moved into her distraction-prone teenage phase). We will definitely be back for more advanced programs to keep our puppy engaged, learning, and progressing. Thank you, again, so much DWD!

Nicole, Kevin & Bella

Thanks to Dealing with Dogs we have a wonderful full of energy smart dog

Thank you to Dealing with Dogs and all the amazing instructors. We have been coming for a year and a half with our Puppy Bella (black lab) and you guys have all been wonderful. We had the pleasure of having Margie and Linda twice in a row as instructors for our puppy classes and they were awesome. Margie was so positive and so supportive to my husband and I. I have had labs my whole life and I was worried Bella was not going to get where she needed to be when it came to commands.(she was beyond a handful) Margie never gave up on us, always had such wonderful things to say and not only told Bella she was doing a great job but reassured my husband and I that we were working hard and she was seeing the positive results all around. Thanks to Dealing with Dogs we have a wonderful full of energy smart dog, who keeps us busy in a good way 🙂 Have a wonderful summer Nicole, Kevin & Bella

Jan, Andy and Ozzy

scary experience… avoided

I wanted to say thank you, that the training works,  scary experience getting ready to come up here.  We were busy getting organized, we both lost track of Ozzy, and the next thing we knew he had dashed out into the middle of the road,  Andrew raced out to stop the neighbours from backing out in their car, and in the cheeriest voice I could do, I called him and told him to come.  He did!  He raced over and I took him into the house.  Lessons learned, but relieved that he responded so well. Many thanks. Jan, Andy and Ozzy


I was a defiant puppy at age 3 months who liked to bite my owners

I was a defiant puppy at age 3 months who liked to bite my owners and didn’t know how to play with other dogs, it was seen as aggression and my owners didn’t know how to deal with me. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but I was scared and didn’t know how to express myself. Then one day my owners took me to a place where I was able to interact with other puppies in a controlled environment and learn how to be obedient and play without hurting anyone. It’s taken many weeks of training at DWD and my owners daily reinforcement but now I am able to go on long walks, play off leash and meet new friends along the way. I look forward to my classes every week at DWD as I’m able to see my trainer Margie, play with my friends and learn something new.

Dr. Susan Simmons

Aria and I are enjoying Andrews Puppy Applause 1 class immensely

Aria and I are enjoying Andrews Puppy Applause 1 class immensely. We are having fun and learning lots. Andrew is very good at applying learning theory to a practical situation and brings the point home with his human analogies. A real pleasure. He is also very encouraging as we all struggle to hone our skills. Also I would be happy to place your brochures or business cards in my front office. Dealing with Dogs is already included in our list of recommended trainers in the Puppy Care kits we give new puppy owners. With thanks, Dr. Susan  Simmons, Veterinarian


Bo has definitely made great improvements

Maureen thanks again for all of your tips and training for Bo, we really appreciate it, and Bo has definitely made great improvements. We will recommend DWD to anyone we know looking for superior puppy training.

The Steele family (Jacqueline, John & Ellie)

Great investment that has paid off more than we could have imagined.

I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the training Andrew and your team provided us. We attended puppy applause back in the fall/winter of last year with our dog, Ellie. Looking back on it, as first time pet owners, I think we can confidently say it was a great investment that has paid off more than we could have imagined. Ellie doesn't eat food off the floor when it drops because she knows "off" means off - there have been times we put a treat on the floor beside her, walk away & 10 minutes later come rushing back to find the treat untouched & her sitting there waiting for the magic word: "take it". She knows that with smaller critters (including babies and smaller dogs), she needs to be gentle and calmer. The biggest thing we've struggled with over the last year has been coming when called. But with patience, practice and the occasional timbit, Ellie now comes running - and we usually only have to ask once. I recall Andrew saying that he doesn't usually get the good stories. So, please, if you don't mind passing this on to him, it would be much appreciated. Our dog is such an amazing member of our family & that's because you helped us figure out how we can effectively communicate with each other. So from our family, thank you! Warmly, The Steele family (Jacqueline, John & Ellie)


Zoey has definitely learned a lot

Just a quick note to say thanks so much to you Maureen for everything over the last 8 weeks. Zoey has definitely learned a lot (although she still has a way to go, but we’re working on it, lol!).


thoroughly enjoyed the program

I would like to tell you how grateful we are to have Maureen as our instructor for puppy class!!  As I outlined in the google form, I thoroughly enjoyed the program and my family, and I learned many new skills to properly train our Jasper!!  We are more confident in training Jasper to implement all the new commands and games learned in class. Thanks for your ongoing support and great feedback, we have seen great improvement in Jasper and us. Marci

Lesley Dossett

Dealing with dogs has extraordinary programs. Our dogs have benefited from the puppy party thru obedience, agility training, and scent classes over 20+ years with our bouviers, schnauzer and finally our Puli. Our experiences have been so positive that we recommend the company highly. One could not begin a life with a dog with better expertise!

Rose and Chandler

knowledgeable, friendly

My grand dog’s name is Chandler, and I have been bringing him to DWD for the last 2 years. I come to the off leash class so that he’s not alone the whole day. Jackie who runs DWD is knowledgeable, friendly, and everyone who attends the off leash is friendly, with their dogs well behaved. It is a wonderful environment, with Jackie caring about every single dog who comes through the door. I will continue coming to DWD for as long as I can. I would highly recommend this off leash facility.

Wendy, Zoe and Tucker

well trained, knowledgeable and genuinely love their jobs

It is with great pleasure and thanks that I write this testimonial for Dealing With Dogs. I have been a client for over 6 years- since my two golden doodles were puppies. We have attended all levels of puppy classes, walking on leash training and recall training. I go to the off leash dog play at DWD every morning. It is wonderful to socialize with other dogs, in an indoor facility, and with an instructor present. I'm not sure who looks forward to it more- my dogs or me. The instructors are well trained, knowledgeable and genuinely love their jobs. They make the classes fun for both the dogs and their adults. We have learned so much at DWD and would highly recommend this training facility to anyone wanting a well behaved and social dog.

John & Aryne

8 week puppy applause program

We just completed an 8 week puppy applause program with Margie. Our mini Bernedoodle absolutely loved the class. He would pull us towards the door every week as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. Margie was great! She would answer any concerns and immediately provided a solution that often worked right away. She was full of knowledge and communicated with owners extremely well. The class not only helped our pup learn important commands and behaviours but it also helped us as first time dog owners understand our dogs needs and reasons for his behaviour. We are anxiously waiting to sign up for puppy applause II with Margie.

Alison Kingelin

Puppy Applause I and II, and Puppy Masters

I have taken three of my dogs over the years to Dealing with Dogs and have always been extremely pleased by the abilities of the trainers to teach both dogs and humans. I have recently taken my lab puppy, Willow, to Puppy Applause I and II, and Puppy Masters. Thanks to Andrew and Margie, we have a happy, well-behaved puppy who enjoys learning and is on her way to taking the Canine Good Neighbour's test. Thanks for everything!!

Kathy and Don

Real World was so good for all of us

Well, this is our first Tuesday in a couple of months that we have not taken off for Oakville for our workout with our dog,”Annie” and Joanne and Jackie and Margie. We really missed the class tonight. Real World was so good for all of us and I just wanted to thank you for such a positive experience. We hope that we will be part of your wonderful programme again in the near future”. Thank you very much

Nancy Footitt Nanjay

A special Thank-You

A special Thank-You to Dealing with Dogs, for all of the great work you do with my Nanjay puppies and their families. I have been breeding over 30 years now, and my lucky Nanjay puppies have been training with you from day one!