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Funny dogs / halloween!

Halloween can cause stress on your pets!

We may find Halloween a fun celebration of all things ghoulish; but most pets experience some form of stress. Here are a few ways to alleviate them.   Leave your dogs at home.It may seem like a good idea to bring your Dog trick- or- treating but even the best trained Dogs can become spooked or aggressive […]

Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving and your Pet

We all do it! We want to share with our pets some of the delicious food we indulge in at Thanksgiving. If you have a dog that tends to beg at the dining room table, stuff a few kongs to give in their crate, bed or on their mat. Here are a few things that […]

Coming when called

Dealing With Recalls

We have all seen the dog who follows his guardian around with devoted attention, never looking at a distraction and coming to heel at even a whisper of command. Well, for the brief window of our observation, it can seem like that is the relationship we are witnessing.  Of all the skills we teach our […]


Walking on Leash

By Margie McConnell, DWD Instructor As a dog owner and trainer I, like you, want what is best for my puppy. I want a well-behaved, obedient, loving companion. Often this means “thinking outside of the box”. Dogs are the only mammal lead around by their necks. This is not always ideal, especially if you have […]

puppy chewing

Dealing with Nipping and Chewing

We get a lot of questions in puppy class about puppy nipping and chewing.  Puppies explore the world with their mouths.  They nip in play with one another providing constant feedback about the level of arousal in the interaction.  They may also nip in fear.   Puppies chew for a variety of reasons. They may chew […]


Creating Patterns That Stick

Creating Patterns That Stick by Andrew Perkins, DWD Instructor All training is about creating patterns of behaviour that stick. With dogs this is really easy, because they prefer routine to variety, and will work to make things happen the same today as they have always been. Our job in training is just to make it […]

Jumping Up

Jumping up Jumping up on people is a common behaviour problem with friendly dogs. While we may view it as inappr   Jumping up Jumping up on people is a common behaviour problem with friendly dogs. While we may view it as inappropriate, it is normal dog behaviour. Why do dogs jump up?  Dogs often […]